Common Apple iMac Repair Near McKinney

3 min readNov 23, 2020

iMac is the most popular desktop computer from Apple which is known for its screen size, high quality display, great performance, compact, high data security and so on. Since iMac is an electronic device it shows some hardware and software problems sometimes. There are some problems that are very common among multiple iMac users around the world. Below are the lists of problems that are very common among mac users.

iMac Stuck At Flashing Question Mark Sign

iMac stuck at flashing question mark sign

This is the most common problem with the iMac computers. When you try to boot your iMAC after about 15 seconds question mark sign pops up flashing and your iMac stuck there. When iMac does not find operating system that is stored on the hard drive to boot up, question mark sign pops up. When this problem occurs user wont be able to use their computer and access data on it. There are various reasons that can cause this problem on iMac which are as follows.

  • Hard drive failure
  • Virus on the system
  • Corrupted MacOS
  • Bad logic board
  • bad flex that connect hard drive with logic board

I had this problem once with my iMac and I didn’t know wha to do. I did some research online and did the diagnostics by myself and found out that hard drive has gotten bad. I bought a new hard drive and installed it myself. Moreover, I made USB bootable for MacOS and install it on my iMac. Now my iMac is working better than before.

iMac GPU Issue

iMac graphics issue, stripes on the screen

If you see flickering, shacking, and stripes on your iMac screen, it’s most likely a GPU problem. When the graphics card inside the iMac cannot provide enough power to display on iMac, it usually shows vertical stripes in the iMac screen. Sometimes, your iMac works even if the screen is flickering, but most of the time your iMac will be in a boot loop. It tries to turn on eventually goes off.

I has one customer who has that problem with their 2013 iMac. The iMac was working with a little shaky screen, after using it for 5 minutes it eventually shuts down. We solve this problem by replacing the graphics card. There are some applications like Heaven which you can use to check your iMac graphics. When you run heaven program on your iMac, it rung on very high graphics, if your iMac had GPU issue your iMac will go off.

Very Slow iMac

This is also one of the most common problem among iMac users. It’s very frustrating when iMac takes very long to boot up and responds very slowly. In this article I will be talking about the reasons behind slow iMac. Below are the list of reasons that can cause slow iMac.

  • Old hard drive
  • Bad system memory
  • Old version of MacOS
  • Full storage
  • High graphics games and programs
  • Virus on the system
  • Bad logic board (very rare)

I fixed a lot of slow iMac computers for my customers and found out that almost 80% of the time the problem is iMacs storage. When I see slow iMacs, first thing I do is try to boot it from the external bootable SSD. If it works faster with the SSD, the problem is storage. Most of the time replacing hard drive with SSD solves the issue. Sometimes updating MacOS also makes iMac faster. Moreover, upgrading system memory also a good alternative for faster iMac.

When your iMac has any issue you can try to repair it yourself by using the steps above. If it doesn’t solves the issue you can take your iMac to Apple store for repair. Furthermore, you can also try local computer repair shops near McKinney Texas.