MacBook Not Turning On Repair McKinney

2 min readDec 12, 2020
Macbook not turning on repair mckinney, dead apple mac computer

As of late I attempted to do a spotless re-introduce of an old MacBook Pro, however the command+R+power button old stunt didn’t do something amazing — the Mac would not turn on.

The machine worked fine some time prior yet were disregarded immaculate for some time. No fluid harm occurred. So it’s far-fetched brought about by an outside harm. What at that point cause the issue and how to fix it?

When squeezing the Power button, there is no startup “toll” or other sound. It’s probably going to be a force issue with the Mac. Doing a SMC reset might resolve the issue. How to do a SMC reset? Press move + control + alternative and the force button for ten seconds!

MacBook repair mckinney, logic board repair

Focus on the MacSafe Power Light, if the shade of the light is orange/golden, it implies the macintosh is as of now charging. In the event that the shading is green, it implies the Mac is completely energized. My Mac was not completely energized, yet the shading was green — a sign that something was off.

In the wake of doing a SMC reset, the light will get green for around two seconds, at that point turn orange/golden.

On the off chance that the macintosh actually doesn’t turn on after a SMC reset, open up your Mac, separate the rationale board and afterward reconnect it. This may help also!

If these steps didn’t solve the issue you can take your MacBook to nearest Apple store or you can try nearest local mac repair places.